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Summer 2018

Happy July Everyone! I thought it would be a good time to share some love for a few amazing things going on this summer.  We’ve just returned home from Mariposa Folk Festival, and we had a great time, the weather was amazing, the music great, and the volunteers were so helpful with our both.  We met some really cool people, and I am feeling happy and a little more relaxed after spending 4 days in the sunshine.   We have some other cool events coming up this summer as well, so even if you aren’t in the Lindsay area, stop in and say hello.  We will be at the following yarn loving places: July 28, 2018 we will be in Cole...

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Back in the Saddle

So I’ve been rambling about the Southern states for the last few weeks, a long overdue honeymoon!  So from Lindsay to Kentucky, Nashville, Biloxi, Mobile, and New Orleans, a few cool stops along the way, and a night in a hotel somewhere in Ohio (but we don’t really know what city, we’d been on the road for 14 Hours).  Here are some highlights... I found a great little yarn shop in New Orleans, called the Quarter Stitch.  Lots of cool ideas, and inspiration.  Also, I bought a needlepoint called Lover Bull, it’s a picture of a bull, wearing a smoking jacket, it’s going to be amazing, my new found year long project, in addition to all of the knitting of...

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Our first video

we talk about blocking shawls :) Mkaing a video is more nerve wracking than I'd imagine, so with a few glitchy spots, here it is.  Why not subscribe to our channel in YouTube, we will post videos weekly, they will get better😀

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