Tangled Poets

Welcome to Tangled Poets! 

Inspired by her life long love of music and the free spirited vibes of rock and roll, Heather creates everything from skeins full of neon rainbow colour splashes to more laid back purples (and everything in between!)

Under "Tangled Poets Yarn" you will find: multicolour kits, kits with more muted tonals, our yearly Tangled Poets advent calendar (when pre-ordering is available), some tonal DK skeins, our "Backpacker" skeins (450 yds.) and one of a kind music inspired skeins!

 You can follow all the dye shop adventures on the following platforms:

Instagram: @tangledpoets

Youtube: "Tangled Poets" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLp5pLpwwRIcJRSyhYlfl2w