Australia, How can we help?

$5 for every skein will be donated to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. $10 from each Pickle Jar will be donated to NSW Rural Fire Services

Tangled Poets - Australia Collection - Available Now.

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Australian Collection Exclusive Box Set

Includes an exclusive colour only available in this box set called "Oceans of Change"

Tangled Poets - Australia Collection

  • $28.00
Rainbow Lorikeet
  • $28.00
  • $28.00
Mallee Emu-Wren
  • $28.00
Sugar Glider
  • $28.00
  • $28.00
  • $28.00
Corroboree Frog
  • $28.00
Gilbert's Potoroo
  • $28.00
Flying Foxes
  • $28.00
Mountain Pygmy-Possum
  • $28.00
  • $28.00

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Dawson - Aberdeens Wool Company
  • $17.99
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Australia How We Can Help - An Update

I wanted to take the time and express to you how very proud I am of all of you!  Because of your support of the Australia Collection, we’ve just cr...

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Collectively we could contribute $100k to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal.  That would be a big portion of the $500k they have left...

Australia, How can we Help - Part 2

This past week I have been overwhelmed by the response to our original blog article.  We wanted to give an update, and say THANK YOU!   If you miss...

Australia, How can we help?”

Like most of you, the immense devastation in New South Wales, Kangaroo Island, and other parts of Australia are hard to comprehend.  The loss of mi...

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