Let's Talk About Temperature Blankets

Let’s Talk About Temperature Blankets!

We get frequent questions about these, and I thought that a blog post, with a bunch of pattern suggestions, and ideas would help answer some of the most popular questions.  I personally love temperature blankets, I like having something to create that is long term, and a short craft adventure, or a leisurely Sunday morning after tracking the weather over the week.

Top Questions we often get asked:

  1. Do you have to start January 01?

                Nope, the best part is, you can start one anytime your heart desires.  If you do want the blanket to represent the entire year, here are the best places to check for weather data with a historic twist.

In Canada -> https://climate.weather.gc.ca/historical_data/search_historic_data_e.html

In the U.S. -> https://www.weather.gov/help-past-weather


  1. Why make them?

I love to make them for birthday’s and such.  For example, Sydney’s Birthday is today, so if I started one for her, I could either use the above website to find out the weather from the year she was born, or simply cast on according to today’s weather and gift it to her next year. 

They are a long term project, but deeply satisfying.  They’re like a bit of knitting history for the time and place you were when you started making it, or celebrating a past event.

  1. What’s the best yarn to use?

It’s not so much the yarn “per se” but the weight of the yarn.  The most commonly used is Worsted Weight or a #4 weight yarn.  (We have starter packs in Vintage) However any worsted would be fine.  Great examples are Comfort, Lanas, Ultra Alpaca, and Ultra Wool, something solid works best.

  1. How do I know how much yarn to use?

This is tricky, because depending upon where you live, the climate varies, so for one person 1 skein of 12-13 different colours is enough, and another person will maybe need an extra of a colour or two depending upon the environment.

  1. How do you know what colours to use?

I found this great chart, I did not create it, all credit to knittingpal.com, but this is a great example of the temperature spread both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Now the colours are entirely up to you, but I recommend either wrapping a small amount around a clothes peg with the temp on it and keeping with the yarn being used, other helpful ideas include, taping a small piece next to the temp range, and keeping it with your pattern.  You’ll find a system that works best for you.

  1. What pattern should I use?

I've rounded up my favourite Knit and Crochet Versions the links are included.


Please note that all photographs are from the pattern links themselves, and I assume no credit for the photos.

#1) All Kinds of Weather


Designed by: Fifty Four Ten Studio



#2) Ribbed temperature blanket or scarf


Designed by: Gabrielle Vézina


#3) Mindful Temperature Blanket


Designed by: Taylor LaRocco


#4) "Mutation" Temperature Blanket


Designed By:  Fair City Knits

#5) Mod x Mod Temperature Blanket


Designed by: Valerie Wallis


Crocheters Here’s the fav’s in this category

#1) Tunisian Temperature Blanket


Designed By:  Nona Davenport


#2) Moss Square Temperature Blanket


Designed By: Kylee Keller

#3) 2021 Temperature Blanket


Designed By: Sam Bartley


#4) Lazy Waves Blanket


Designed By:  Dedri Uys


#5) Bias Granny Temperature Blanket


Designed By: Toni Lipsey


All of these patterns listed are free on ravelry.com, however there are a bunch of others available on Pinterest, paid for patterns on ravelry, but this is a great place to start.

We hope that helps answer the many temperature blanket questions out there.  If we’ve missed anything, don’t hesitate to comment on the blog, and we are happy to update as we go.

Happy Crafting!