About Us

Aberdeen's Wool Company was established in December 2012.  In a humble small store front on the main street of Lindsay, Ontario.  Wow how things have grown and changed.  We operate as an e-commerce retailer currently, as we develop the reestablishment of a brick and mortar space.  (If you want to learn more about that, you can check out the tab "...building a dream" at the top of our main page.)

We wanted to take the time and reintroduce ourselves as we redefine our brand, and our commitment to our customers.

We'd like to introduce to you our set of core values, that we will consistently base all of our decisions on, and what guides us in our authentic selves, and our authentic brand.

We are a team of 4 amazing women, Heather, Sydney, Ally, and Amanda, all who bring their own special gifts to make this all work.  We've been together as a group for such a long time, we all compliment each others strengths and weaknesses.  We all put our heart and souls into this, and work incredibly hard to follow our core values, and be true to who we are, everyday.

  1. Creativity - inspire it
  2. Community Development - nurture it, be involved, be available, be accessible on our social media feeds. 
  3. Transparency - be authentic, be who we truly are are as a team, as individuals, everyone's ideas matter, sharing how things work behind the scenes.
  4. Reach higher with every customer experience - deliver as quickly as possible, engage consistently across all of our media, respond to emails promptly, and as thoroughly as possible
  5. Be grateful always - You should expect that of a retailer, go above and beyond when possible
  6. Accountability - to customers, to all team members and to ourselves, in all situations.
  7. Ethically Source our Products - each product we carry we research diligently, and we source everything we can in the most ethical way possible.  An example of this for my self personally (Heather) is we do not carry fur yarn (it's been a a hard and fast rule for me since I opened the business from day one, and have never waivered from that)
  8. Give back to our community - as a team, and as individuals, volunteer, donate, encourage, be active, etc.
  9. Always inclusive - always supportive, always present, provide a safe place for all, crafting is universal and for everyone, always kind.
  10. Provide Canada with an access point to obtain yarn brands that are usually more available in the US and the UK, offering a unique take on stocking items, as well as nurturing relationships outside of the limited Canadian distribution space.
  11. Stand up for Creative Rights and Women in Small Business - Be a voice! and encourage others, designers, makers, creators.
  12. Embrace mindfulness and Stillness - encourage that vibe whenever we can encourage crafting for zen and enjoyment.
  13. When in doubt - default always to "What would a kind, patient, humble person do?"
  14. Be stewards of an industry that isn't as supported in Canada as it should be, or could be.
  15. Be stewards to the land which we are guardians of.  Our location sits upon 109 acres of beautiful pasture, forest, and streams.  We take this environment as a great source of inspiration, and we are responsible to make sure this land is taken care of best we can.  To our flock of sheep, be the most ethical Shepard's throughout all aspects of their life cycles.  Go above and beyond to ensure their wellbeing is the leading decision in all respects of these beautiful creatures