I've discovered a new favourite!

Sometimes we stumbled upon something that gets our creative brain excited.

This year one of the things I wanted to share with all of you, is my own journey as a maker.  After all, that was one of the reasons I got into this industry, and frankly for the last few years, my creative mojo hasn’t been up to par (for me, hey no judgement in this forum).

A mega storm hit Ontario yesterday, I had prepped for the power outage if the storm is what they say.  I do live and work on a property that is in the middle of nowhere, on a dead-end road, so when storms hit, we normally lose power. (Strangely enough the power went out this morning for an hour or so) I’d brought in about 3 days of firewood; the bunnies were all extra bedded in their bundominium.  I had packed a bunch of orders that are on their way to the post, and while waiting for the UPS truck to arrive, I sat by the fire and knit.

I don’t know if it is the winter storm, or the finally the freeness of post-holiday, but my creativity is pretty high.  Frankly, I needed someone else to inspire me, I just recently finished designing 8 patterns over the last few months, and well I needed someone to light a fire under me.

Some of that is out of necessity.  I live in an almost 200-year-old farm house, it’s drafty, I panicked last week when my electric blanket finally gave out.  So, sweaters, indoor UGG boots, knee socks, and toques are common wardrobe choices when inside. 

Some of it is out of a desire to be as self-sustaining as possible (we grow most of our food, and I’m working on building as much of a sweater/knitted wardrobe as possible) Today I found a sweater that I think I will want to make over and over again.  In fact, in going to knit 5 of them.  Yep, that’s right, 5 of them.  I don’t know how long that’s going to take, but I need the sweaters, and well here’s my list of the 5.

The first, I am using Berroco Vintage, in a shade of pink I would never have imagined wearing (my normal colour range is purple, green, black, and gray) So another new thing for me this year.

The second, I am using Berroco Ultra Alpaca, for the colder days.

The third, I am using Berroco Comfort, for a wool alternative.

The fourth, I am using Lettlopi, because it’s my favourite, and I need a new sweater for lambing season.  It’s super warm, and fits under overalls well.

The fifth, I am using Berroco Sesame, multi coloured, squooshy and fun.

It also enables us to be able to see how the same sweater can look so different in a variety of yarns.  

So what’s the sweater?


“Step by Step Sweater”

by Florence Miller

You can find the free link on www.ravelry.com here:


I really love the pattern, and how perfect it is for beginners as well as advanced knitters.  It also has a youtube video in the pattern so if you are stuck on something, you have a visual guide that can help along the way.  Thanks to Florence Miller for sharing the pattern for FREE!  

Now let’s see how I get on with the first one 😊