An Important Update

Hey everyone, Sydney here.

Many of you may recall that we had a few service interruptions in March. Those slowed us down a bit and we tried our best to keep you all updated on what was going on throughout that time. After that, as I know many of you have noticed, we started to not respond to many emails or messages and things are still moving kind of slow. Unfortunately, I’m writing this because Heather is very sick right now (she is aware I am writing this and I have her consent).

Shortly after we got things back up and running in late March, Heather started to not feel well. As I write this, we’ve made countless hospital visits, test appointments and doctor’s appointments. But alas, we still don’t have an answer. Unfortunately, she has continued to decline and is currently unable to work. We had hoped we’d be able to keep up with things better and keep in touch more but honestly, this has just been a very emotional and difficult time. None of us were expecting this obviously and we had hoped it was something the doctors could solve swiftly, but alas, here we are.

If you have a pending order, please know it will get out. We definitely are not trying to scam or ignore anyone. If you plan on placing an order, know that wait times are bit all over the place right now as we get things sorted. Unfortunately, we also will not be attending Knit City Toronto as planned.

It is incredibly difficult seeing someone you care about so sick. Isaac and I are doing the best we can to care for her and working with the doctors to get to the bottom of this. And Ally has also been helping me more in the dye shop so we can try and catch up. At the end of the day, I had hoped I wouldn’t need to write this.

Thank you for everyone who has been so patient and hopefully this addresses some of your questions and concerns. We truly are doing our very best and hope you all understand. If anything changes from this point, I will be sure to let you know.


Thank you,

Sydney and the Aberdeen’s Family