May Update, Happy Friday the 13th

We wanted to take a minute on this Friday the 13th to just check in with everyone, and update everyone on the shop, and other musing from our little corner of the world.

How are you?  We miss you all.  It’s been about 6 weeks since the retail location closed, and it still seems so strange that our presence now is completely online.  I sometimes laugh because my brother was always the “computer” guy, and I was always the “books and art” part of our duo, but well here we are, it still feels so weird.

 We are learning our new way in this virtual world, and there have been some stumbles, and some amazing progress. 

 Our first phase of reinvigorate and reimaging our new way forward, is going really well.  We have been working through the extra stock as we merged the two locations, met with reps for new lines, and we’ve been posting lots of full bags of stock for you to enjoy, we will continue to post these over the next week or two.  You can find them here, they usually sell out really quickly, so keep your eyes peeled, and they’ll get updated regularly.


The second phase of our plan involves really ramping up our Tangled Poets production.  There are two reasons for this.  The first, who doesn’t love a good Pickle Jar? Or a bunch of wee skeins (micro skein’s 24 yards of new hand dyed bliss), but in addition, full sized skeins of 450 yards of fingering weight delights.  But the biggest reason is, there is no supply chain interruptions.  We make it!

So May and June will be “wee skein mania”. Stay tuned for fun things on our socials, and updates in your inbox.  We will be posting lots of cool ideas, pattern links, and lots of fun wee skein adventures. 

We have 3 patterns due for release over the next month, the first one will land next week   We will be sure to post lots of pics and the link to the free pattern when its up. 

If you haven’t snagged a pickle jar,


or any wee skeins yet, I wouldn’t hesitate (there’s a big secret we’re holding onto because we can’t disclose it yet) but to beat the rush…


I also want to be completely vulnerable in this blog post.  In our journey along the way, I’ve tried to be personally open in a professional manner, but this is more than that.  This company means everything to me, we built it from a small one room retail location, to where we are now.  We did that together, all of us.  I have made bad decisions, good decisions, and sometimes questionable gambles along the way, and I am grateful for all of them, because each one has taught me along the way, I’ll never be perfect, but I will always be dedicated, and I will always try my very hardest.  We aren’t going anywhere, we keep adapting, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about the future.

Wishing you all a happy Friday, hopefully we can all take a few minutes this weekend to breathe pour a cup of whatever beverage you prefer and knit a few stitches.  And thank you for being such wonderful people in our small business adventure.


With love and gratitude,