A week after Fiona

We wanted to take a moment, and express our immense gratitude.  We have received so many kind and loving messages from across the globe.  

As non-islanders, home in the safety of power, water, heat, and "normal", it is heartbreaking to know that most of PEI is still without power, water, and the safety of their homes.  A week seems like forever, and such a short period of time all at once, but if you're in it, I'm sure it feels like forever.  We've been keeping up with all the island news, and when I mentioned I left part of my heart on that island when we left, I know that statement means more even today, than it did last week.

We are so thankful that thus far, because of you, our first batch of 250 Fiona Pickle Jars have sold out!  We have sent $1250 to Team Rubicon, and we are releasing the second lot today.  They need it greater than anticipated, and the faster we can get aid to PEI and other communities in Atlantic Canada is so important.  We are so thankful to our community for embracing this fundraiser.  

If you have crafting friends, and you feel comfortable sharing, please share on your social media.

(The receipts of donations sent are available to view on all of our social media pages)

We wanted to keep you updating on progress so far, and send big virtual hugs of gratitude to all of you.

With a humbled and grateful heart,