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Back in the Saddle

So I’ve been rambling about the Southern states for the last few weeks, a long overdue honeymoon!  So from Lindsay to Kentucky, Nashville, Biloxi, Mobile, and New Orleans, a few cool stops along the way, and a night in a hotel somewhere in Ohio (but we don’t really know what city, we’d been on the road for 14 Hours).  Here are some highlights... I found a great little yarn shop in New Orleans, called the Quarter Stitch.  Lots of cool ideas, and inspiration.  Also, I bought a needlepoint called Lover Bull, it’s a picture of a bull, wearing a smoking jacket, it’s going to be amazing, my new found year long project, in addition to all of the knitting of...

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Around the Shop

There have been lots of things buzzing around the shop these days.  Spring is almost here, and as usual, that means my creativity and sense of getting stuff done is enhanced, (this also be due to my increased caffeine intake), but I will take it. We are working hard to get the new class schedule up, and you will see that in the next few days. We are also working on some great kits.  Our Hudsonesque Blanket was such a success, we are making it available throughout the summer.   We've also will be posting great blog content weekly, with cool new patterns, a how do I fix it? section, and lots more news about hats happening at the shop....

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