What impact could 1000 Yarn Lovers Have on Wildlife Affected by the Australian Bush Fires?

What impact could 1000 Yarn Lovers Have on Wildlife Affected by the Australian Bush Fires?


Collectively we could contribute $100k to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal.  That would be a big portion of the $500k they have left to raise.  

There have got to be a 1000 of us out there right?  Let’s dream big together, let’s help as many animals survive as we can, by making a big impact!  If you’re a dreamer like me, here’s the link to the box set



How can a small local yarn shop/indie dyer do it?  First, dream really big!  Then get to work. 

Tangled Poets created The Australia Collection, if 1000 Knitters purchased a Box Set, we would almost be there.  Combine that with the $5 contribution from single skeins and our pickle jar kits, we would certainly hit our target! 


We have the production capacity, a full dye studio, access to all the bases needed, and a team of dedicated helpers to make this happen. 


We know a box set of yarn isn’t financially inclusive for everyone, and we understand that, we really do.  There are single skeins available, as well as Pickle Jar kits.  You could also share this with any knitters you may know, you could also post it to your social media. 


In our first blog article, https://www.aberdeenswool.ca/blogs/news/australia-how-can-we-help we included lots of options to appreciate this beautiful planet.


If you have questions, or concerns, please contact me at heather@aberdeenswool.ca I would be happy to discuss.  You can visit our website www.aberdeenswool.ca


Let’s make this go viral, and show the world that the knitting community is an incredibly beautiful place.


With Much Love and Gratitude


Heather Breadner

Aberdeen’s Wool Company & Tangled Poets Inc.