We've Settled into the New Place, a Quick Update (Also cute baby photos included)

The merry month of May is upon us, and with that brings the joys of keeping three seasonal type jackets by the door, and three seasonal types of footwear, because well, hey, one never knows.  It's freezing, it's warm, it's raining, oh is it only noon?  

It also brings lots of new babies to the farm.  Yesterday one of our cows had a beautiful baby boy (I suggested naming him Darth Vader since it was May the 4th).  We've had many lambs, mini goats (a set of triplets), kittens, and chicks hatched.  It's a busy time, but a wonderful shift from the doldrums of winter.

(This is a photo of "Mystery" he doesn't have a mom who will claim him, so he gets bottle fed multiple times a day, and yes you're seeing that correctly, he gets taken for walks with a harness on, so he can be the happiest little guy, and wow does he give great snuggles)

Like all positive shifts in life, we've successfully moved our warehouse facility, now in a more suitable location.  That will increase efficiency, and make things better for both you and our team.  Shipping is moving nicely, and timely.  We have a few catch-up items, as we finish the last of the unpacking and getting the last of the organizing done.  These will all be handled over the next week.

We just wanted to keep everyone in the loop and say Happy Friday!  I also wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who helped get the move done with minimal interuption to regular business operations. 

So with much love and gratitude, Heather