Welcoming You Back - Our Reopening Plans

It’s been a long time friends!  And we are thrilled that we are able to welcome you inside the shop very soon.  We’ve missed you.  We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. 

We have been in quarantine for almost 10 weeks now, and amongst  that chaos, we’ve been so fortunate to be given the gift of time, and reflection, to contemplate the best way for us to move forward, and to make some really fun, and big changes.  We’re going to tease a bit with this, but watch our Facebook and Instagram for some wonderful things that are beginning to take shape.  I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I’m working off the motto.

              “The turtle doesn’t get anywhere unless she sticks her neck out…”

So what does that look like in the “New Normal”, well honestly, we aren’t sure in the long run, but in our strategic re-opening plan, it looks like this:

We will be opening the store front to the public Monday JUNE 01, 2020, there are a few reasons for the delay from what our province has said we could open.  The most important is that the safety of our staff and customers is the first priority, and we intend on following the guidelines exactly, that takes some time to obtain the appropriate masks, sanitizer, gloves, etc.  We have also been doing some renovations in the shop to ensure that social distancing can happen when the store does reopen. 


Everyone at the shop is missing Stitch and Bitch, and we know how important it is to our knitting community.  We will have to wait a little while longer to resume, for the safety of the group.  We are looking at ways that we can host a few virtual sessions over the next month, and see how that goes.

For those who were registered for classes during the quarantine, Amanda or myself will be in touch with you over the next week, to discuss options, since we are still unable to safely meet.

We will also have to be cautious with extra help, as we need to social distance, we may have to modify how we do extra help with your project, but be assured we will figure out a process, because that’s the best part about a Local Yarn Shop.

We will continue to offer curbside pickup even after we reopen.

Of course our online shop will remain in place.

We have also made some changes with the store hours, this gives us the opportunity to serve our knitting community in the best ways we can think of. 

                             New Hours:       Monday-Friday 10-6

                                                         Saturday 10-4

                               We will remain CLOSED on Sunday’s moving forward

              We are making 10-11 AM Monday-Friday, and Thursday from 5-6 available by appointment only, to ensure that anyone in a vulnerable situation can have the assurance that they are the only customer in the shop.  We will continue this for however long it’s needed.

So what to look forward to between now and when we officially re open?

Each day between now and the reopening, we will introduce you to the new yarns we are/will be carrying in the shop, and of course online.  Once they are posted, they will be available through our website. 

You will also see some sneak peaks of the renovations and how amazing the shop is going to look when the doors finally re open. 

And above  all else, thank you to everyone for your support over the last 10 weeks, we are so thankful that we are able to re open, and that we have weathered the first part of the storm.  It’s because of all of you, we were able to do achieve that, and you deserve more thanks than I know how to express.

Stay well friends, continue to check in with each other, be mindful of your/our collective mental health, and send virtual hugs to those you miss seeing in person.  Participate in a random act of kindness, it’ll make your day I promise.

Knit Happy

With Love and Gratitude