As an artist, who turned their art into a business, sometimes the creating for the artist gets lost.  For the last year or so, my (Heather the person, not the shop owner, which is largely hard to differentiate) creativity for the sake of creating has been put to the back burner.  I am grateful that it has really, because now I have a laser focus on participating in this fun adventure.

If you are interested in checking out the community, visit www.the100dayproject.org to sign up, or just see what this is all about.  

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What I’ve Decided to Make

”Tangled Poets (and maybe Heather’s) Reinvention Installation”


I will be posting details about the knitting pattern as the project gets underway, but I am knitting a mitered square blanket, that I have designed, and will be using Tangled Poets Haiku’s -100 yard Mini Skeins and a set of 3.50mm needles.

I will also be dyeing a colour way each and everyday, just for fun, I will post this in my instagram story called “Heather’s Project”

I hope you will follow along, or even cast on your own #the100dayproject, we have loads of ideas for creative projects.  Let’s encourage one another along the way, and make this part of the @aberdeenswool community.

With Love and Gratitude