Summer's End...bring on the Fall!

Sometimes I go rogue...I check out of the digital space, and look for inspiration and direction from the wonders of mother nature.  This weekend, although usually spent lakeside, I had the luxury of settling into a beautiful long weekend of family togetherness at the farm.  

If I learned one thing from Covid that I hope I never forget, is that it's okay to take a day off, it's okay to pay attention to our own mental health, and taking care of each other.  This weekend I took a whole day to knit, I stayed in my pajamas, and I knit.  It was sheer bliss, and I am grateful for that day.  My wish is that you got a few moments this weekend to do something similar.

There are so many things happening at the shop, and we are so excited.  Over the next week, look for lots of announcements, lots of amazing photo's and lots of new and exciting yarns, and inspiration.  

The first big announcement is that we are doing Holiday Boxes (Advent Calendars) we wanted to make sure that this would be possible due to supply chain, and timing.  And we are happy to announce, all of the base yarn is in the dye studio, and the dyepots are already producing beautiful skeins of unique hand dyed yarn.  There are limited numbers this year, and preorders are available until Oct 15.  You can find the link here...


We are also making amazing progress on our Covid_19 Memorial Blanket project.  If you haven't heard about this project, or are looking for more information, please check out our seperate website for the project.


We are also growing our kit section on the website.  We will have more than 50 individual kits available throughout fall and winter this year.  The first one is a project I actually have on my needles right now.  Made with Rowan Alpaca Soft Dk, (stay tuned for a very important Rowan related announcement this week...because you guys are amazing, I thought I'd give you some advance info.)

You can see the kits available here:


I also wanted to send out big virtual hugs to all of our teachers and students who are taking the brave step and starting school this week.  We are thinking about all of you, and hope you stay safe and healthy.  

With much love and gratitude