Some pretty big news from Aberdeen’s Wool Company Today!

Some pretty big news from Aberdeen’s Wool Company Today!

I’ll start with a quick back story.  During the past 3 years, the road has been pretty rocky.  There have been a lot of pivots, changes, stumbles, and growth.  The most important component of all of that is we have LEARNED so much.


Changing your business model on the fly, as we did during COVID shutdowns isn’t as easy as we thought, the bumps, there have been many, most of which have been ironed out.  I think like many small businesses, bumps, hiccups, and out-and-out mistakes are the best way to learn the most of your situation.  It’s the information that we take from those hurdles that matter the most, and how we implement the changes needed to best serve you. 


We are so grateful that we can say we are now able to see out of survival mode and move into the next phase of making Aberdeen’s Wool Company the best version of her lovely self.


So what’s the news?  I’ll get straight to it.


The warehouse is on the move.  We are relocating the warehouse to better suit our current needs.  This is super positive because not only will it help with efficiency in order shipments, but it also allows us the space to work on the dream that will be Aberdeen’s Wool Company.


In May/June, our computer operating system will be changing, we have simply outgrown our current one, and it will serve each of you better, the website functionality will be far better, more options, and just a great relaunch of sorts.  We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that changeover can happen in a relatively seamless transition.


Why are we moving the warehouse?


Moving the warehouse means that we can work toward our end goal of creating a where we can have a retail location, warehouse, and dye studio all under one roof.  The only way to do that is to build it.  So that’s the goal.


It’s going to take time!!! – The first major hurdle has been overcome; we have the land!


Nestled amongst fields of sheep, and shade trees, a knitting oasis will await us all.  In time. 


Clearly, there are some things we need to do.


The first is empty out the warehouse.  This is a bonus for you guys, because each day except for Sundays, we will be posting amazing sales aisle by aisle of the current location.  It will allow us to not have the move take away from the resources we want to provide to you and restock the new place with lots of cool new stuff, and make it seem as seamless as possible.


Starting Wednesday, we will be creating a page of items, each day, and will post them to our social media as well as email out the items of the day.  This keeps things simple and allows us to get the orders out quickly.


How are we going to get to our goal?


Then we have a mountain to climb to create our knitting/crafting oasis, where the community can be reconnected, and the vibrance of an LYS can shine brightly again.  This is going to take so many steps, but we’re here for it.  From permits to contractors to resources, grant proposals (who knows if that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot) and sheer grit and determination.  We’ve got this. 


We don’t know how long it’s going to take, but essentially what it breaks down to is, as soon as we sell 10,000 pickle jars, we shall be knitting together on the porch, overlooking a field of sheep, catching up like old friends.  Because moving forward every pickle jar, and every refill pack is going straight to creating this place.  (Maybe we should make a little counter on the new website) 


So, look forward to an exciting year of rebuilding, regrouping, and falling back in love with hopes and dreams. 


Follow our Progress

To not set false expectations, and to keep everyone in the loop, here’s the plan for the next few months.

On our website, we have a blog, and we send out marketing emails.  This will remain the same, when we switch to the new website, we will have a progress tracker.  This will keep the process transparent, and easy to follow.  In the meantime, you can also keep up with happenings on my personal blog, called the Heatherly Stitch.  This is the link.


With so much gratitude to all of you for still being here with us.  We hope you enjoy this new chapter along with us. 


With Much Love and Gratitude