Make 20 in 2020 - Part 2 (Project 6-10)

My Make 20 in 2020 List – Part 2


Today I’ve been pondering my list from the sunny shores of Port Aransas, Texas.  As I was strolling along the beach (barefoot in January…gasp) I stumbled across the most fabulous yarn bomb I’ve seen in a long time.  Check out the photo’s, super cute and super fun.


I also had the pleasure of visiting YARN Texas in Corpus Christie.  Such a lovely shop, so friendly, and a lovely group knitting away, it made me miss home a bit, but I digress.  I found some lovely souvenirs and while Isaac is working for the next hour or so, I thought I would show you some of my finds.  


While I was listening to the crashing waves of the Gulf last night, I finally finished my wish list for 2020, it’s lofty, but well, if you ever wanted a view inside Heather’s slightly altered mind, here’s a bit of a peak.


Well enough about my rambling around, back to the list.  These are patterns I have knit before, but I also wanted to either resize, do them in a different colour way, or use a different weight of yarn, so I’m diving back into them.  Here they are.


If anyone is interested in any of the patterns on this list, they can all be found for free on ravelry...this link will get you to all of them.



Juniper & Cedar

By Heather Breadner


This time I am going to make two ways, one in a dk weight yarn, either Tangled Poets Wanderer (which will be available soon) or Festivity.  If I use Festivity, I want to do it in Rockies Way, Salmon, and Northern Lights.  It’ll make the shawl bigger, and I feel I should be able to get the shift in colour to work with 3 instead of 5 colours.


The second way I was thinking was to use a worsted weight, again upsizing the shawl, I feel doing it in a tweed would be great, but haven’t committed to yarn or colour yet.



Beachwood & Tide


This shawl is big and squishy already, I am going to knit it in 2 colours, alternating a tonal and a variegated



Fig & Flannigan

This one I am going to do in Sugarbush Bold, and make the couch size version, where you make 4 larger squares.  I feel a purple, green, and something a bit brighter would be lovely. 


Key Lime & Palm Trees

Again, I’m thinking using a dk weight yarn to upsize it, and I want to also knit it in a different colour way, something more earthy maybe…I’m unsure


Stripy Cowl (Pickle Jar Kit)

I’d like to make a crochet version, as well as add 4 more patterns to the Pickle Jar kits, so I’ll be diving into the wee skeins as soon as I am home.

Happy Knitting from Texas, I cant promise I’ll be able to post part 3 tomorrow, as we’re on the road to Houston to see a football game, but I’ll definitely have my knitting with me J


Much love & Gratitude