It's Almost Here, the big EVENT!

Wow, 10 feels big to me! We would like to cordially invite you our Anniversary event.

Whether you are an instore customer, or from out of town, come celebrate with us online or in person. 

I will apologize now for the length, but the highlight reel is here:

Dates: Dec 02-04 In-store Anniversary Events

Hours: Thursday Dec 02, Friday Dec 03, 10-6, Saturday Dec 04 10-4

All Sale events will be happening online 24/7 Dec 02-Dec 04, browse the website for some amazing deals!

Our Annual Goodie Bags

In store the 33 customers per day will receive a goodie bag valued at $40 with a minimum purchase of $50.

***Due to Covid restrictions only 4 customers will be allowed in the store at a time, mask requirements and social distancing are mandatory.***

Online Goodie Bags:  The first 100 online orders during Dec 02-Dec 04 will receive a care package valued at the $40 as well, with a minimum purchase of $50


 (These are applicable to both in person, and online customers)

1.Thank you to Berroco for sponsoring this great giveaway 

A full bag (10 x 50 gram balls of a cashmere/cotton blend)of Berroco Lucca in a delicious charcoal grey and a hard copy of Lucca’s pattern book.  To qualify make any purchase during Dec 02-04  

2.  A Tangled Poets Holiday Box to qualify purchase any Tangled Poets product, to be entered, you can check out the link here:

3. $250 gift certificate to qualify make any purchase over $100

4. A Scheepjes Catona Studio Pack, these are so fun, I can't even explain.

We are so thankful that we’ve been able to continue this journey, and we wanted to express our gratitude celebrating you! 

We have amazing giveaways, incredibly reduced prices, and a lot of fun planned.  So, we hope you can join us, either virtually or in person.  Keep an eye out on our social media pages for lots of cool stuff.  There is just too much to list in this post. 

As always each year, I write a thank you note that is included in the goodie bags, and we always share it online as well.  So with a full heart, I will leave it here for you.


Our Annual Thank You Note:

Wow…10 years goes by so quickly.  I barely recognize the person I was when this adventure began.  A single woman, living alone with my dog, and a big ole dream, and just the right amount of “crazy” to take the big step.  This feels big to me.  Despite the struggles since the pandemic, today I am choosing to celebrate the fact that we are still here.  We are still trying to be better, trying to be kind, and trying to live this life full of gratitude, and love, and joy of the art that comes with a set of needles, or a hook in your hand.  This world appears upside down and pear shaped still, but we ride the challenges put forth, and today we will celebrate the accomplishment of still being here. 

Of course, there are so many people to thank over 10 years, I know inevitably I will forget something, or someone, and for that I will apologize in advance.

First, each of you who have entered our lives at the store and online.  It’s always so lovely to have the chance to communicate with you, to share our love of these crafts, and the art.  I am humbled you’ve allowed me to continue to dream big, and live this life to its fullest.  Thank you!

Secondly, to each friend who I’ve cancelled plans with, been late to something for, because I lose myself in this work.  Who continue to love me, despite those faults.  Thank you!

To my family, who have worked alongside, and behind the scenes, to help make this possible.

Isaac, without his help, this place doesn’t operate.  Between taking over my farm roles, whenever needed, post office runs, running things from the warehouse to the store, caking yarn, making blank yarn, remembering to remind me to eat, for being the shoulder I cry on, and laugh with during the ups and downs and being the best most supportive husband, who genuinely just wants me to be happy. Thank you!

To my brother, who has to put up with my constant IT questions, queries, and curiosities far too frequently, who designs and builds machines for us, is constantly brainstorming with me, and being one of my best friends.  Thank you!

The wonderful parents in my life.  From Jim and Cathy, who put up with my dye shop madness, feed me, who will help whenever asked.  Thank you.  To my mom and dad, the list is long, and would fill a binder, but despite the sign beginning to fade, it still hangs in the shop, that my dad left on a piece of cardboard, written in a black sharpie, taped to the wall with hockey tape, that sign sums it up.  Thank you.

To the amazing woman who work with me every day, Amanda, Ally, Silvia, and Sydney.  This too could fill a binder.  Although the last two years have been unclear at the best of times, these 4 have made it work, stood with me, and forever I will be grateful.  Thank you!

To each and every one who has taken the chance, and joined this journey with all of us.  My heart is so full, and I couldn’t appreciate you more.

With all the love and gratitude,