I’d like to introduce... Sugarbush Yarns Festivity hand dyed by Tangled Poets

A while back, I posted a photo on our socials of what 700 pounds of yarn looked like, and lots of people wondered what I could possibly be up to with that sort of quantity of yarn. The secret can finally be revealed :)

(Here’s the photo, just for giggles.  For reference sake, it is a full sized pick up truck, and the entire box of the truck was completely full as well)

Tangled Poets has been my artistic baby for a while now, and now she gets to spread her wings some.  

Sugarbush Yarns asked us to hand dye a line of yarn for fall, and without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you, Festivity.  There are 12 colours in the line, one for each month of the year, representing a festivity that happens in Canada during that month.  It’s been a humbling, and amazing journey.  So here they are, finally out in the wild.

Festivity, is a DK weight 70% Superwash Merino Wool/30% Nylon, 250 yards per 100 gram skein.  I so hope you enjoy them.  If you’d like to come squish some in person, you’ll find them in the shop Monday, September 30, they are also available on our website.

Available Here!

We start with January (Ice Castles), February (Northern Lights), March (Paddyfest), April (Spring Blooms), May (Campfires), and June (Banff Canoe)

July (Canada Day), August (Grand Bend), September (Bay of Fundy), October (Salmon), November (Whale Watch), December (Rockies Way)

Thank you to every single one of you who helped me pull this off!  My family who have picked up all my slack at the farm, who’ve skeined and labelled yarn until 2 in the morning, and for mammas who’ve fed us all.

The entire team at the shop, who have picked up most of my shifts for the last little while, who’ve made sure the little things got done, who lent there energy, light and love into the process.

My friends who’ve talked me off the ledge, cheered me on each step of the way, popped by with coffee, moral support, and love.

And to SugarBush Yarns.

Life is interesting, and life is amazing.  This adventure has only begun, and I hope you can join us in this exciting endeavor.  Feeling much love, gratitude.

Happy Knitting Friends