Holiday Boxes (Advent Calendars) - Prebook Available until October 15th, 2020

(A sneak peak of the sweater pattern this year)

definitely a fall day outside today, leaves blowing around, and the smell of woodstoves off in the distance.  Which means it’s officially crafting weather!

This year has been different than most (which seems like the understatement of the year) but like the last few, we have created beautiful Holiday boxes (Advent Calendars) in our Tangled Poets hand dyed yarn.

We are taking pre orders until October 15, 2020

We wanted to be certain that all supply chains were in tact before offering these delightful yarn boxes.

These will ship Between November 01-15, 2020.   We are offering a unique guarantee this year, if your box ships late or is missing a single component, you will be fully refunded.

There are 4 Colour Themes again this year.  

Earth - Earthy greens, browns, and some surprises (because beautiful colours, come from the earth)

Air- Blues, clouds and summer skies, some purples from twilight evenings

Wind- Wild and bright, a little off beat and super fun (I like to think of this theme as the best of the 80's wardrobe mixed with the best of the yarn world)

Fire- Sultry reds, oranges, and yellows, imagine sitting back by the campfires of summer.

What’s Included This Year?

The Yarn: Just over 3000 yards of Fingering Weight of Hand Dyed Yarn)

24 individual 30 gram (110 yard) mini skeins

1 x 450 yard skein 

(All skeins are made with 80% Superwash Merino Wool/20% Nylon Fingering Weight Yarn)

The Patterns:

1 for an adult pair of socks, courtesy of Amanda the sock guru

1 Shawl pattern using mini skeins

1 Yoked Pullover Sweater

Bonus pattern - Mini Skein Beanie with Pom (one set of 16 inch circular needles and a pom pom are included)

All patterns are ready to go, and will be included printed on heavy card stock in your box upon delivery, as well as downloadable versions available via our website effective November 30, 2020.  

Each mini skein is packed in a cloth bag, with a cute tag, it includes a clothespegs, and rope to use for a bunting.  

If you are curious, or would like to order yours today, please visit the link:


Happy crafting