Exciting Changes are coming to Aberdeen's Wool!

We want to thank you for stopping by Aberdeen's Wool and being such a great customer! As we know this pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone, not only small businesses, but you as customers as well. As a result of your continued support of our small business, we thank you.  We want to share an update on how Aberdeen's Wool is adapting to these situations and how we are changing to serve you even better.

The demand for online orders has risen significantly during the pandemic, and we have seen some hiccups in orders, supply chains, and communications as a result. We recognize that these haven’t lived up to your expectations, nor the ones we set for ourselves. 

This is why Aberdeen's Wool is opening our new dedicated online distribution centre!

The team began spit-balling ideas on how to drastically adapt to the need of you as a customer only a few of weeks ago. When we decided a dedicated facility was needed to meet the needs, we took the bull by the horns and ran with it.  We found a facility suitable in size, signed a lease, fitting the facility with the shelving and other woolly accoutrement, and coordinating with our shipping carriers and moving our entire stock to this facility in only 2 1/2 weeks.  Thankfully, our secret weapons (George, Brandon, and Isaac) have done the majority of this, so Amanda, Silvia, and myself, could continue packing orders, and Sydney manufacturing kits, etc.  I don’t take for granted for one moment the team that often goes unrecognized behind the scenes, as we navigate this undertaking during a lockdown (only one person in a space a time if not in our household, and following Covid protocols along the way)

It has been a substantial effort on everyone's part and we are proud to say that as of Tuesday, February 16th we will begin shipping your online orders from this fantastic facility. 

However, this transition will not come without its impact to our customers. 

If you have an outstanding order with us, we are working on them as quickly as possible, and we have sent a separate email out to each of you as well.  (Check your spam folders just in case). 

Although we are doing everything we can to make sure we serve you as quickly as we can, we will need to make some adjustments as we make the 'Big Move' (Don’t fret, the Lindsay retail location will remain in place, and isn’t going anywhere 😊). Please see below the following temporary impacts:

In Store Pickups

Beginning Thursday, February 11th we will be suspending in-store / curb side pickup until Friday, February 20th. This allows us to move our inventory, and re-organize the store to make in-store pickups available again. You may still place an order for in-store pickup, however it will not be available until February 20th. You will be notified by email as soon as it is available at our store. 

Online Orders

Beginning on the morning of Friday, February 12th, until Tuesday February 16th we will be unable to ship online orders as our entire inventory is being relocated to the new facility. You are welcome to place your order still for shipping from our online store, however there will be a delay in getting this to you. Who knows, you may be the lucky one to have your order be the first to leave this new facility.  We chose these dates to correspond with the long weekend, to limit the impact on shipping delays the best we can.

In-Store Shopping

Although we are making the shift to this online distribution facility, it does not mean we are leaving the store behind. In fact, it gives us an opportunity to make the retail store that much better to serve you! Although the current COVID-19 restrictions prevents us from welcoming you back into our store, we are always here for you the same as we always have, by phone, by email and online.  This also allows us to implement our new customer service protocols, by having a new centralized phone system, improved inventory management system, and allow us to be the best that we can be.

So, why a distribution centre?

Well, let's just say we have outgrown our capacity at the store to be able to fulfill orders online. We realized that we weren't as efficient as we could be, so we adapted. We hope this new facility will allow us to be better at delivering your orders as quickly as possible. It also means we will be able to offer new products as well, while still maintaining our local yarn shop level of care and love for you as a customer.

How did you open a facility so fast?

Well, all we can say is check this out!  Distribution Center Build. Our team really pulled out all the stops to get the facility painted to ensure we don't get dust on your yarn, shelves were put up in record speed, technology doo-dads were ordered and tested and installed, and even a wicked packing desk was setup all in the span of a week! This has been an absolute flurry of activity with the biggest hurdle of moving every single ball of yarn in stock to the new facility coming this weekend!

Wait, does that mean the store will be empty?

Well, yes, but only temporarily. We will be back filling the store with all the yarns and pretty colours you love as soon as we can. With the retail store currently closed due to the Covid lockdown restrictions, we saw this as an opportunity to give the store a deep clean, and get re-organized for re-opening once the restrictions are lifted, and we are comfortable we can serve you once again in person, safely, and professionally.

When will the store re-open for in store shopping?

Well, at this point we aren't certain. We have a tentative date of March 01, 2021, but it is mostly dependant on the Province's restrictions to in-store shopping and health guidelines. We hope to open as soon as possible to make sure we can safely serve you once again in person