Being a Better Citizen (What Heather has learned this month)

I have listened. I have heard you.

Over the last few weeks, the online knitting community has been having a very important conversation about inclusivity within the knitting community. There have been many threads, instagram stories, and a great deal of self reflection.

Through these conversations, I have come to recognize that the name “Tangled Gypsies” is insensitive, and for that I am sorry. When we named the yarn line, it was never meant to be insensitive, derogatory, or meant in any negative manner. I however, recognize, no matter what the intent, CHANGE, needs to happen. Everyone needs to be heard, and validated.
(If you’d like to follow some of these conversations, via instagram, the following accounts are a valuable source of information. @thecolourmustard @su_krita @tina.say.knits @astitchtowear @ocean_buthesea).

Today, I have begun the process of rebranding. Our yarn line name is changing. We have changed the name to:
                                                                   Tangled Poets

I feel that this best represents our yarn, inspired by music, and travel, and love of all things free spirited. I also feel this is the best way for us to be better citizens.

I have started to relabel, and change things on various websites, etc. This may take a few days to get complete.

Aberdeen’s Wool Company and Tangled Poets will continue to learn, and continue to be inclusive. I welcome discussions that are sometimes hard, and I will forever continue to learn.

With Love and Gratitude


  • Lisa Noble

    Way to go, Heather! I love the new name, and appreciate the reason behind the change. We move forward together as we learn.

  • Sandy

    I like the new name.
    No matter the name it remains an incredible yarn, and wonderful to knit with.

  • Barbara Meunier

    I am currently knitting a Hitchhiker shawl with Tangled Poets, colorway “push on”. It’s beautiful and I’m loving knitting with it. I found you when you were unable to enter the U.S. and was so happy to buy some of your yarn.
    I appreciate your relabeling your yarn. Thanks for your sensitivity

  • Carol

    Lovely new name..makes one hope and dream…and I think that’s what both the change and your creative energies are all about!

  • Donna

    Love your new name “Tangled Poets” and glad that I have found you online and in person in Lindsay.Am sitting today knitting socks with a ball of your wool and it is beautiful.
    Being new to the are a of Port Bolster from Uxbridge,it is nice to feed my passion.

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