Australia How We Can Help - An Update

A little update from us :)  


I wanted to take the time and express to you how very proud I am of all of you!  Because of your support of the Australia Collection, we’ve just crossed the $3000 mark.  Thank you.  With more than a billion animals gone, and hectares of land scorched, your support can make a big difference.  With each of us doing a little, our impact could be life changing for some of the sweet animals who are receiving care.


We know how big it seems to achieve our target of $100 000.  It seems almost impossible, and I’ve had some moments, while bottle feeding the lambs, where I’ve questioned my optimism.  My heart remains full and determined, and full of gratitude.  I believe we as a crafting community, can achieve this.


How are we hoping to achieve this goal:  Tangled Poets has created a line of yarn for some of the most vulnerable of species.


This is how we are donating: (All products that are making a contribution can be found here in this easy link:

The Australia Collection Box Set - $80 is donated to The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal. Our goal is 1000.


Single Skeins of the Australia Collection - $5 is donated to The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal.


Pickle Jar Kits - $10 is being donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service, the money is being donated to Families of fallen firefighters.


We also have included Sugarbush Festivity (current stock only) - $5 is donated to The Australia Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal.

We ship internationally :) Free shipping in North America, on orders over $75, and a low flat rate fee internationally.

Like so many things, the Australian Bush Fires, have fluidity, news changes, needs change, and there doesn’t seem to be a single source of information.  But thus far, this is what I’ve been able to find out.


Craft Projects for Australian Wildlife, if you are on social media, Animal Rescue Craft Guild has the most up to date information about what is needed.  If they do not require international shipments for the time being, we will distribute any nests, pouches, etc. to local wildlife rehabilitation centers in Ontario, based on a who needs what bases.


The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors are using the money from the Bushfire Appeal for the following:  Please check out their website for any other questions about what amazing things they are up to.


Thanks to you 

1. Purchasing and regenerating crucial habitat for species affected by human impact, drought and wildfires. 

2.  Planning a ward for flying foxes at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Flying fox (or fruit bat) admissions have skyrocketed this fire season and the ward will allow us to care for more while they undergo treatment. 

3.   Designing a crèche for orphaned flying foxes, where they will learn how to be wild again before being released with a wild colony. 

4.   Sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers on the frontline of the fire-affected areas. 

5.   Putting together bat carer packs to be sent home with wildlife carers. These include bottles, milk formula and bat wraps. 

6.   Purchasing commercial food preparation equipment for wildlife care groups to cater for a huge number of patients. 

7.   Constructing a climate-controlled intensive care ward for our ever-growing number of koala patients. 


If you would like to learn about the NSW Rural Fire Services, you can visit there website


We’ve had people ask us if they can contribute even if they don’t use yarn for anything.  We have encouraged those who wish to, to donate directly to either of the above mentioned charities, which can be done directly from either of their websites.


With much love and gratitude