All the hugs I could possibly give...

On Friday evening, I made this post on social media.  I couldn’t have imagined how many people are out there cheering us on, who understand our struggles, who’ve offered support and kindness.  My heart is wide open, and my most heart felt thank you goes out to all of you.

A special thank you to Amanda who held down the fort at the shop Saturday, while I handled the online portion.  Also, to Kristy, a dear friend of ours, who popped in to get some wool, noticed how busy Amanda was, and stayed and helped her for the whole day.  We are so very fortunate to have such an amazing community around us.

Thank you to all those who’ve shared our post, and to other small businesses who have reached out.

As we work towards our goal, I wanted to touch base, and express my humblest of gratitude, and thanks.

With all the love ❤️ 



                   Here is the post from Friday evening...

”This is the hardest post I have ever written...

This is our LYS, a place where the yarn is, the extra help on your project, your safe space from a crappy day, you’re happy squishy place! Whether online or in the shop, we are the ones who give pep talks, and save broken project. You have been amazing to us, and we are humbled and oh so grateful.

But with heads hung low, we need to ask something of our amazing followers. We need your help, not something I am proud of, and no hurdle is going to stop us from reaching our goals, and nothing is going to stop us from being your soft squishy place for a very long time.

Asking for help isn’t something I am comfortable doing, I’ve struggled with this decision, I struggle with it still.

This crazy dream of mine in the last year has taken so many crazy hits, from our crazy border incident (which you can see in our previous blog posts, and rebranding our yarn line, recovery has seemed impossible, but as a woman, I dug deep, worked my butt off, my team worked tirelessly. And as a solo entrepreneur I have to be honest, help is what we need to ask for.

If each follow of ours on social media follows each made a $15 purchase, over the next month we would be able to achieve our goals, bring the shop back to life, and mostly you would be doing an amazing act of kindness, that would help to ensure your safe happy squishy place can thrive.

I know this seems unconventional, and may seem a bit off putting, but be rest assured we will be still standing and we aren’t going anywhere. We’ve just come across a hurdle we can’t burden entirely alone. So if you are able, even a small purchase our shop can come back stronger than ever.

With a troubled heart, and full of faith, thank you to our amazing follows and customers who make this a LYS everything that it is.

With love and gratitude
If you have any questions for us feel free to contact me through messenger or email

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