Aberdeen's Wool Reopening Plan

I wanted to reach out to everyone, and express my humble gratitude and love for all of your support during the entire pandemic.  Without all of you, we wouldn't still be here, and not for one moment have I taken that for granted nor been so appreciative.  The community that we have built is strong and lovely, and we hope to see it continue to grow. 

 Aberdeen's Wool Reopening Plan


1) We will continue to offer curbside and online shopping until Ontario moves into Stage 2 of the provinces guidelines.


With the uncertainty of Stage One and the conflicting information small business owners are being fed, as well as the limited capacity, it just doesn't make sense for our shop.  The emotional energy it takes to reopen to only be shut down potentially in a week is too risky, as well as the financial impact another open/close scenario would cause.

2) We aren't a giant corporation, we are a small local business, who operates as a family.  True, we have more than one location, and one is a warehouse for online fulfillment, but we are still a small team.  This family needs a minute to heal, and needs a moment to know that as a global family it is actually safe to reopen.   

3) We will continue to do our best everyday, more gently, and kindly to ourselves and those around us.

4) We understand that delays are frustrating, my inability to communicate efficiently is frustrating, and I understand some have felt let down.  That has not been intentional.  Truthfully, I'm as disappointed with me as well in that respect.  

5) WE WILL CELEBRATE RE OPENING for in store shopping when Stage 2 begins.  We will send out another update regarding this when the time comes.

6) We continue to work on the Covid Memorial Blanket, it is a giant task, and there will be lots of updates shortly.


Is it okay if I get honest with everyone for a few moments? 

I have spent a great deal of time lately reflecting on this beautiful thing we've created. 

I have struggled to remember why I went into this, and had to ask myself some really tough questions. 

Do I still love it?  Do I still want to get up every morning and keep fighting?  Is this worth my mental health and physical health? 

These are only questions that I could answer, for myself.  I had to turn off all the noise of the news and fear, and the uncertainty, and figure that out.  The answer to all of those questions is YES! YES! YES!  

To be completely honest with you, the last part of the lockdown have been incredibly difficult for myself as a person.  I am supposed to be the leader and the cheerleader for everyone, but I haven't been that for a few months now.  I have simply felt very broken.  (I am okay!)  During the pandemic it has meant not a single day off since this began, with skeleton staff most of the pandemic, then add the additional chronic stress there have been days I have felt literally  paralyzed, I've cried, I've panicked, I've yelled out loud in the forest, and I get back up, try to figure out the next steps.

Heck there have been days I haven't even picked up a set of knitting needles, and anyone who has ever met me knows that is incredibly unusual.

Yet everyday we battle supply chain issues, Canada Post delays, which rules to follow, we exhaust all ourselves emotionally, physically, and financially.  This has been a really hard road, but we are still here!  Just like the beautiful forest in the lead photograph.  I gather strength everyday from views like that, and I am thankful I still have a roof over my head with this view.

This has been hard on everyone, for so many reasons, and I know so many of you who've I've spoken with have had similar feelings.  And I believe it's ok to say, you know what it's hard right now, today I'm not really ok, but hopefully tomorrow.  I also hope that when the pandemic is somewhere in our rearview mirror, we can continue to be honest and truthful about what we are as people.  Life is too short to hide our true self, and today, that is me.

If you made it this far through my rant, I want to say thank you.  It's with a strange feeling of guilt, relief, and pride, that I was able to share that publicly.  I appreciate you taking the time to read it.  It means a lot.


With Love and Gratitude