Aberdeen's Wool Company is Turning 8!

Aberdeen’s Wool Company is turning 8!

We wanted to share with you, because without each of you, this moment wouldn’t be happening.  This year has been far from normal, and truly there were moments when we thought maybe this milestone wouldn’t be possible.  I am thankful, and humbled by your kindness, your support, and the friendships that have developed.

This years Anniversary Event is going to look very different than it has in the past. There will still be swag bags, and amazing yarns to stock up on, and lots of other special things happening.  We really encourage you follow one of our social media feeds to the most instant up to date info, but we will also be sending out an email, if that’s not your thing.  The Anniversary Event begins Monday November 23 and will end December 12.  We are going to spread out our event over 3 weeks, instead of 3 days. 

How it’ll work:

              (As COVID_19 numbers grow, and lock downs expand through Ontario, we encourage as much local pick up, and online activity as possible, we can host 2 customers (with masks) in the store at a time.  We are also happy to help you over the phone if online shopping isn’t comfortable for you.  Let’s have fun with this, but safely)

Every day of the sale event at 11 AM, we will post a collection of yarns (they will remain on sale for the whole event), so be sure to snag them early.  We will also go live on Instagram daily to talk about the yarns that we post.

We will be randomly including 10 swag bags per day in various online/local pick up/in store parcels

There will be a special email being sent out about some special coffee hours via Zoom, with Martin Storey, Georgia Farrell, and Dee Hardwicke from Rowan on Dec 04, 05, and 06 (registration for this event will be required, so have a look out for an email coming your way Tuesday Nov 24, with instructions and further info) 

I know this is a lot of information coming at you all at once, but we will be posting to socials, and emailing daily over the event so no one misses out on anything.

Stay Safe, Knit Happy