6th Anniversary Celebration

***I can get a smidge long winded, so if you’re looking for the sale details, scroll down to the bottom...:) ***

When I think about the last year, I get a little overwhelmed.  I’m going to be honest about it, this year was full of ups and downs.  So many things have happened this year, I don’t even know where to start.  The most important thing is how grateful I am to each and every one of you who have visited, emailed, encouraged, and provided us the opportunity to be here another year.  I am humble and grateful, and honestly, I am thrilled that I still get to live out this dream.

This year has brought us so many learning opportunities, some we handled with grace, and others, not so much, but we’ve learned from every single one of them.  Our summer was particularity unexpected, the year turned pear shaped during a trip to Maryland where Amanda and I were detained at the border.  (If you haven’t heard the story, there’s lots of info on google). We had news crews, interviews, and the coolest part, we made so many new friends, from the U.S., and within Canada, our heart’s got pretty full, pretty fast.  We also were able to visit Nova Scotia, Kemptville, Kitchener, Fenelon Falls, KnitCity in Vancouver, all because of you guys, making it possible for us to keep making Tangled Gypsies Yarn, and loving what we do.

Our team also grew!  (I’m doing this in chronological order so no one is offended) We welcomed Chloe, a beautiful service dog who works in the store with Sydney on Monday and Friday’s, she’s an amazing addition and we love our “after work snuggles”.

We also welcomed Megan, she’s is extremely knowledgeable about yarns/spinning/knitting, and all things textile.  She rocks a blue streak in her hair, which I secretly wish I could get away with ;). She’s a great addition.  

Life also changes personally for me as well, I have taken that leap, and finally I am on the farm of my wildest dreams, fields of sheep (to arrive soon), a rambly old farm house, and a new puppy.  I will periodically share adventures of the farm portion, on a separate page to be established at another time.

                        Let’s get to the big Celebration Info!

Sale Dates:

Friday November 30 from 5-9, there will be 25 swag bags available for the 1st 25 customers

Saturday December 01 from 10-4, there will be 50 swag bags available

Sunday December 02 from 10-4, there will be 50 swag bags available


We have lots of yarns on sale (including brand new fall/winter yarns), specials we’ve brought in just for the weekend, and lots of surprises.

There are also gift baskets, and prizes throughout the weekend.  Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and Facebook for special hourly draws, and specials.  

There will also be a few Advent Calendars available in shop, if we don’t sell out before, and someone will actually win one this weekend!  

We look forward to seeing everyone, and being able to say thank you, once again for your ongoing support.  We appreciate it more than you could imagine.  


  • Cathy Goard

    We are so lucky to have a great yarn store in Lindsay, thank you for the swag bag and I was lucky to receive an advent calendar. It is so much fun I have a tree full of surprises and another with balls of wool. I must say the best Christmas tree is one with tangled gypsies in it. Thanks Heather

  • Wendy

    Congrats on your 6th anniversary! I’m not surprised with the quality and section of your wonderful yarns! How I wish I lived closer – although that would be dangerous!
    I look forward to your 10th anniversary!

  • Pamela Dangelmaier

    Greetings from BC and oh how I wish I lived much closer! Wishing you a wonderfully woolly sale Heather and all the very best in your new adventure as a sheep farmer. And don’t forget: Knitting is Not a Crime :)

  • Bonita O'Neill

    Congratulations on your 6th Anniversary, your new home and your new puppy! Lots of fun experiences in store for you – pun intended. Aberdeen’s is always a great place to visit.

  • Carol Thomas

    How fortunate for us to have Aberdeens Wool in Lindsay. You are all so helpful when I come into the shop, helping to pick colours, figure out patterns and giving inspiration! Also for being excited to see my finished piece! Thank you all so very much and I wish for your continued success so I may continue learning new techniques and picking up great supplies to make beautiful things!

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