The Wildest Thing We've Ever Done - We are giving away $60k in Gift Cards - All the Details Here

We wrote a blog a week or so ago, about the vision for where Aberdeen's Wool is headed, and what it is going to take to get there.  So we are making it super fun, and exciting for all of you along the way.  We have built a new collection, aptly named "Building the Dream: An 8000 square foot Woolly Wonderland", where you have a chance to win various gift cards.

This is mostly a Rules and Eligibility Post for quick reference for everyone.

We added several products to the collection, in each of the products there are the gift card values, and important timelines for that specific product. 

Rules and the Fine Print for our $60k Gift Card Giveaways
(Okay no one likes rules, but we have to include them.)

In order to be eligible for the gift card giveaways. You must complete the following three items:

1. Visit the collection on our website called "Building a Dream" and make a purchase, each product has it's individual gift card value (one as high as $10000) and dates for when the entry is valid until.  

2. Follow us on our social media pages: (If you are already a follower thanks! This won't impact your eligibility)
Instagram: @aberdeenswool and @tangledpoets
Facebook: Aberdeen's Wool Company

3. Like and Share our giveaway post on any of the the above mentioned socials.

** Please include your social media handles in the notes at check out so that we can confirm this. If your account is private or we are unable to confirm these criterion for any reason, you will not be eligible.

Information to consider:

If you are a winner of one of the gift cards, you are consenting to allow us to use just your first name and last initial in a social media post.
(We will not share any private information, or your social media's to protect your privacy)

Depending on order volume, we may need to turn a product off for a short time, so that we don't have delays and a huge backlog of orders.
If the item you were eyeing appears out of stock, check back in a few days, it will be back. We would rather expectations be met, and not
disappoint anyone. The last thing we would want is to backlog, and get so far behind we'd never catch up, so this is the best way for us to
do that.

We will post to our socials if we are temporarily pausing ordering on an item, and when it returns. This will not impact the issuance of
gift cards.  If we pause something, we will also extend the entry dates to make it as fair as possible.

All gift cards will come in a gold envelope in winning parcels, they are valid to be used online, or in store (when the building is built), they
do not expire.

I think that's it for rules anyway. I tried to keep this as simple as possible.

Thanks for helping build the dream.  Together we will create the most amazing retail/e-commerce yarn shop in Canada.  Where all the great woolly things can happen, from knitting on a wrap around porch, knitting together while sipping sweet tea, learning how to dye yarn, or make a new project.  Snuggle a baby lamb, take a crafting retreat, etc.

As Canadian knitters/crocheters and fiber enthusiasts we all need a place to safely gather, nestled in nature, surrounded by wool.