Porch Knitting - Some of our favourite Summer Knits

After a fabulous fibre festival this past Saturday, I took some time in the sunshine on Sunday to ponder summer knitting.  So I thought, hey why not share the fun pairings I’ve been dreaming of.

There’s no question, myself as a knitter, love most things Andrea Mowry.  She’s a knitters dream, great patterns, classic styles, great colour theory, and something that gives some curiosity to our knits.  So here’s my first round up of my favourite “porch knits” for this summer...(my wardrobe is going to thank me ;)

***All Photos are not my own, and are from the ravelry link provided in each pattern I have listed***

Top Five List for Porch Knits  (Part One)


#1 - The Weekender - Andrea Mowry

(Yarn-Rapture by Sugarbush Yarns)

The Weekender 

Pattern Link:  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-weekender-5

I am about to cast this on in Sugar Bush Rapture (it’ll be the second one that I have knit out of this yarn, the original I knit was in gray, this one will be the pink one)...I love the subtle squish of this yarn.  https://www.aberdeenswool.ca/products/rapture


#2 - Tip Top Tank - Cheryl Murray

(Yarn-Trickle by Sugarbush Yarns) 


This super cute tank is from this pattern link:


@vogueknittingmagazine just voted this yarn the spring trend, and we have it in stock :)



...Part Two to follow :)