National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

We do not take today lightly. Today is a very important day for many people, including us. Today is not about profit, marketing or posts. Today is a day of reflection and action. So today, we have created a colour to benefit a local residential school survivor and artist, Freddy Taylor. All income (ALL money, not just profit) will be donated to him and his continued efforts with the "Save the Evidence" fund. 

We will all be taking the day to participate, reflect and learn and we hope you'll be doing the same. Remember, today is not about what people see you do. Today is about making an effort. Making an effort to learn and to listen. What that looks like for every person is different, and doesn't need to be flashy. Your acts of truth and reconciliation might be as simple as reading a book about Indigenous issues. That is so ok. Every step towards a more truthful, educated and accepting future counts. There is always something you can learn, someone's story you can listen to and things you can do. 

Below is the link to today's colour as well as a letter from Heather.

"I will preface this post, with the knowledge that this is my personal opinion.

Despite our provincial governments lack of recognition of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, this in no way represents my beliefs nor the importance of this day as an Ontarian and as a business owner. Our store, Aberdeen’s Wool, will close to observe this day. We will continue to do so each year moving forward.

This is NOT “a holiday” to me. This is a day to continue to learn, to listen to survivors of residential schools, to hear the voices speak and take action in ways that I can. I will be spending the day continuing to read the Truth and Reconciliation report. I will listen to stories of survivors. I will write letters to members of government. I will be present to aid in active change. I will continue to support Indigenous organizations that aid survivors and their families.

I can’t imagine a life where it made sense to have your child kidnapped, murdered, or “disappear”. Where electric chairs were used and experiments were conducted, just to make someone more “white” and more “religious”. This was genocide, by definition.

I will forever hold a place in my heart for every child who never came home and those who still haven’t been found.

With peace and love,