Aberdeen's Wool Company is Open, and we have exciting news...

We’re ready to spill the beans 😉

With the province slowly re opening, we’ve been busy bees behind the scenes, and now we are ready to share some very exciting yarn news with all of you.

The shop is now open to the public Monday to Friday 10-6, and Saturday 10-4, moving forward we will be closed on Sunday’s.  When it is safe to do so, our weekly Stitch and Bitch session on Thursdays, and classes will resume, we are hoping for fall, but we will follow all health advice before moving forward with those plans.

During the closure due to Covid_19, like many small businesses across the country, we took a deep dive into our business models, and tried to make sense of what a “new normal” may look like.  For us, thankfully, it has given us an opportunity to explore new avenues.  I know we’ve all had a lot of things in our worlds change, and for us, changes were also inevitable.

We started with the brick and mortar shop.  We completely renovated the shop, first for safe social distancing practices, as we want to ensure our customers and staff are safe while at the shop.  We also freshened up all the paint, new curtains, and the most incredible showcase wall has been constructed.  We hope that the shop is still cozy and warm like it always has been, just with some funky new additions. 

Then we started working on the YARN 😊  We have brought several new lines into the shop during the pandemic, but moving forward, we are bringing in 60 Brands for your squishy pleasure.  We’ve already started with some amazing yarn goodness, we are offering the entire range of Noro, Berroco, Rowan, Juniper Moon Farm, Lopi, Premier Yarn, and Amano. For those who’ve been in the shop, will be saying to themselves…”How? Where will they put it?”  Amanda and I are amazing at maximizing space, but even for us, this was a mind warp of an idea.  So we’ve found the solution…

We have established a warehouse location, where we will be doing all the online shipments from.  This allows us to focus on offering amazing customer service in the shop, and for our online customers. 

We can be honest, and say, there will a few hiccups along the way, while the warehouse is being loaded, and sorted.  Our ultimate goal is to provide Canadian knitters and crocheters, with as many yarns as possible, shipped from within Canada, so there are no duties and taxes to you at the door.  We will continue to ship to the states, and then reopen to shipping internationally when all borders have opened for that to be possible. 

The most noticeable change for our local shoppers, is that some things that are available online, are housed in the warehouse, not at the shop, so we found a solution for this as well.  There are samples of each and every yarn we carry online in the shop, you will be able to pick the colour in shop, and have the option of having the parcel shipped to you, or available for in store pick up.  We are also working on a solution to identify which yarns those are on the website, so no one is disappointed. 

We understand and fully appreciate how adding another change is hard.  We are excited to be able to grow our business, and this will ensure our viability if there happens to be a second shut down, and it makes the knitting world your oyster. 

With much love and gratitude, and an overwhelming sense of excitement!